Dr Greenthumbs Volcanic Rock Dust - 1KG / 2.5KG | Organic

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Volcanic Rock Dust is the perfect all-natural amendment to remineralize your gardens and lawns!
Mined from the earth's most powerful mineral factory, our rock dust will help your soil microbes proliferate and improve the insect resistance of your crops. Great in worm farms and compost piles alike.

Use at 50-150g per meter, more for depleted or compacted soils.

Analysis: Silica 50%, Potassium 3.39%, Phosphate 0.72 %, Magnesium 2.98 %, Iron 4.54 %, Nitrogen 0.04%, Zinc 0.01%, Calcium 5.83%, Magnesium 0.17%, Sulphur 2.61%, Copper 0.05%