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Lighting control means switching the lights on and off. It’s something we’re all familiar with in our homes and in other spaces we visit or spend time in. In recent years, people have gotten used to smart lighting indoors by seeing lighting automatically switch on or off when there’s movement in the room. This type of smart lighting has now found its way to outdoor lighting as well. Lighting control not only automatizes the switch on/off the rhythm of the lighting, but it also enables optimizing the amount of light illuminated.

With lighting control systems, you can adjust the lighting levels – even luminaire-specifically – in accordance to e.g. weather or traffic conditions, presence of pedestrians or cyclists, and for example make possible different kind of “one-time” lighting needs, such as switching the lights off for the Earth Hour. Lighting control also provides means to manage the lighting network remotely in real time by transmitting alarms and providing data of the energy usage etc., which significantly eases the maintenance.

Lectory has energy-efficient lighting control systems such as NanoSwitch, Nano Dimmer Nano Dual Switch, Multi-Sensor, Ionic push button, and many more. The popular brands include Aeotec and Clipsal. Visit in-store or shop online from

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