Samsung Digital Smart Door Lock SHP-DP728 Gold | Push & Pull Fingerprint Keyless

Samsung Digital Smart Door Lock SHP-DP728 Gold | Push & Pull Fingerprint Keyless


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Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-DP728.

Phone notification on opening & closings, blue tooth integrated fingerprint access card and tabs and more.

Fingerprint entry access
Built-in Bluetooth for phone access
RFID Card / Tags / Master Pin access
A welcome feature for users (respond to motions within 70cm range)
Door access event log
In& out push message alert
Door Open / Door Close status notification
PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
Manner mode for quiet night outings
Emergency external battery terminal
Emergency mechanical bypass key
Speedy and Accurate access with the optical fingerprint authentication
Touchscreen display panel
Easy installation
Available in 3 colours
Input  DC 6V (AA Alkaline Batteries x 8)
Battery Lifespan 10 months (Average of 10times a day)
Applicable Door Thickness 38 - 80mm
In-Body Mech Dimension 86 x 354.8 x 63mm
Out-Body Mech Dimension 86 x 387 x 61mm
Intrusion Prevention Yes
Auto Card Detection Yes
Double Verification Pin+ Fingerprint
User-Friendly Interface Yes
Access Mode Mobile App, PIN/Card, Fingerprint, Override Key
Max User Memory 1 Pin User, 20 Cards, 100 Fingerprints.
Anti-electromagnetic pulse Yes, tested with all available hiking method 
Bluetooth integrated Yes
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