10.6W Dimmable LED Downlight Kit | D700+ | 17° Gimbal Anti Glare | 4000K

10.6W Dimmable LED Downlight Kit | D700+ | 17° Gimbal Anti Glare | 3000K | White


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Face Cover Colour


The unique recessed design ensures minimal glare, with a patented low-glare lens and a deep recessed design that shields the light source from the viewer’s direct line of sight, the D700+ projects a smooth, directional beam to reduce unwanted light spill and glare that is common with diffused LED downlights. This downlight features an airtight universal gimballing system, the D700+ provides users with complete control over the beam’s direction without allowing conditioned air to escape through the ceiling. The luminaire is also IC-rated and can be abutted with insulation.


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Gimble Angle:17°
Anti-Glare Design
flicker-free dimming from 1-100%.
seamless compatibility with leading edge and trailing edge dimming systems
unmatched circuit protection
Compatble with C-tec, C-Bus, Nue, Aeotec, Philips Dynalite Automation Systems
7 Years Warranty


Shift The Temperature

During Daylight
A cooler (3K) temperature option makes tasks easily visible, and allows for naturally greater levels of alertness, mental sharpness, and energy.

During The Evening
A warmer (1.8K) temperature option regulates the body’s natural circadian rhythm, naturally creating a more calm, comfortable and restful state of being – similar to the relaxation felt from a glass of wine.


Input 220-240V AC
Output 10.6W  (745 - 730lm)
Colour Temperature 4000K / 3000K
Beam Ange 55°  (20° / 35° optional available on request) 
Face Cover Colour  Black / White
Cutout Size 90mm
Cabel Length 1.2M
Dimmable Range 1-100%
IP Rating IP44
IC Rating IC Rated
LED Driver Type Leading Edge + Trailing Edge Compatible


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7 Years Replacement Warranty

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