Nanoleaf Aurora Light Panels | Rhythm Smarter Kit9 Pack

Nanoleaf Aurora Light Panels | Rhythm Smarter Kit9 Pack


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Transform music into light with the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm.

Plug it in, turn it on, and embark on a sensory adventure personalised just for you.

An integrated audio sensor detects and syncs Aurora light panels to music in real-time

Watch the light react to music, games, movies, voice and other sounds

Nanoleaf Modular Panels snap together like LEGO pieces

Download and customise Rhythm Scenes (preset animations) within the app

Voice Control works with Siri, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Open API + SDK to create your own Rhythm Scene from scratch

WiFi control, no hub or bridge needed

Input  220-240V AC 55-60Hz
Model No  NL28-2005TW-9PK
Compatibility   Google Assistant, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit

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2 Years Warranty

[9] x Smart LED Light Panels

[1] x Control Unit

[1] x Rhythm music module

[9] x Stencil Paper

[28] x 3M Mounting Tape

[8] x Connectors

[1] x Power Supply

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