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2018 New version just arrived, with an integrated sunlight sensor.

Control Your lights automatically by adding a Philips Hue Motion sensor to your Philips Hue System.

You can place the sensor anywhere in your home as it is battery powered and completely wireless.

Triggers your Philips Hue lights when motion is detected. 

  • Turn your Hue lights on and off automatically
  • Day and night setting
  • Integrated daylight sensor
  • Place it where it matters
  • Requires a Philips Hue bridge

Zigbee Smart LED Pendant Lamp, Philips Hue Compatible


IP Rating IP42
Minimal Battery Lifetime 2 Years (2 x AAA)
Mounting Options Free Standing 
Software Upgradeable When connected to Hue bridge                    
Sensor Depth 20mm
Sensor Height 55mm
Sensor Width 55mm
Zigbee Light Link Protocol IEE802.15.4
Sensor Coverage Angle 100 Degree
Version 9290 0126 0764


2 Years