About Us


“Home, it's the concentrate of living, filled with all our passion of life."

                                                                                              —— Lectory


Lectory was founded in Broadway Sydney in 2006. It has developed from a little workshop in Ultimo into a warehouse based and professional online boutique store. 


Lectory is aiming to represent the high quality and rigor trendy of the furniture, lighting and interior decor collections.


We acquired experience in discovering fresh collections while exploring the venture of new trends.


Throughout the years, we do everything with integrity and excellence from sourcing products to delivering the desirable and affordable collections.


Our commitment to working with you providing a discerning, professional and individual experience made who are today - Lectory-  enthusiastic collector and expert in sharing the latest trends. 


Lectory believes that the designs of the products are the key to home styling.


Home, indeed a place where you cherish and enjoy for the rest of your life.


We are motivated and passionate about assisting you to create you a perfect living and strive for the achievement of your utmost satisfaction.


At Lectory, we have the core values that guide and inspire us in our decisions and product deliverance. 


  • Visionariness: Leading the innovative and diversified collections in furniture and lightings
  • Functionality: Selections of designs help to foster and refine user’s living habits
  • Sustainability:  We have a commitment to our social responsibility, constantly seeking new ways to get involved and express a concept of sustainability and Eco-Friendly living. 

Our goal is to pass on the designer's’ ideas and perceptions to customers through the way we selecting and introducing our collection of products.

Let us deliver the good designs to your home.


Home completes you.