About Us

Lectory = Collecting Good Stuff From Factory


Lectory was found in 2006 at Broadway Sydney by two fresh graduates who love to spoil their dog and yearn for nature. Nowadays,  grown from a little workshop in Ultimo, we are now Sydney warehoused based and professional online boutique store, which focuses on sourcing stylish and affordable furniture, lighting, and interior décor at the right price.


The stronger we felt to be sentimentally attached to our home, the more places we have been traveled. Meanwhile, we believe that every individual is born to be different, as well as home, it's meant to be unique as same as www.Lectory.com.au


“Home, it's the concentrate of living, filled with all our passion of life."

                                                                                              —— Lectory


  • A sense of Design - We believe designing is originated from people’s relentless pursuit of a better lifestyle, it keeps refining user’s living habit.


  • Environmental Friendly - We are responsible for the future and earth.


  • Lead the trend - Bring out something new and latest is what we love to.


Our goal is to pass on the designer's’ ideas and perceptions to customers through the way we selecting and introducing our collection of products.


Let us deliver the good designs to your home.


Home completes you.