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Welcome to Lectory's beautiful range of dining tables, where design and functionality coexist without feeling forced. The dining room, the centre of your house, can be enhanced in the most alluring manner with the help of our carefully curated collection of dining tables. Discover a variety of options, from intimate parties to extravagant feasts, that cater to different preferences. Let's explore the world of stunning dining tables that will transform your dining space into a true focal point.

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Establish the Scene Elegantly

Enjoy the enduring appeal of our circular dining tables. Our round dining tables, which are expertly crafted and intended for intimacy, foster a welcoming environment for gatherings. These tables effortlessly accommodate conversations with a seamless fusion of beauty and practicality, ensuring that no one feels left out. Every meal is an enjoyable experience thanks to the circular form, which promotes a sense of community.

Ideal for Gatherings of Four

Our 4-seater round dining tables offer the perfect ambience for intimate dinners for two or informal gatherings with friends. The small size fosters a cosy atmosphere, allowing talks to flow easily. Around a table that perfectly fits your lifestyle, share tales, make memories, and enjoy delectable meals.

Black Dining Tables: Bold Elegance

Our black dining tables, a stunning complement to contemporary decor, will make a statement. The deep, rich colours quickly give your dining area a sense of grandeur and class. Our black dining tables, which are crafted with painstaking attention to detail, offer a dramatic focal point that captures attention and sets the mood for special dining occasions.

4- and 6-seater options are available.

Our black dining tables come in both 4-seater and 6-seater sizes and can be customised to your requirements. These tables easily accommodate your guests whether you're throwing a relaxed get-together or a lively dinner party. Our black dining tables are a classic addition to any dining room thanks to their sleek and adaptable design.

Round Dining Tables for Four: Cosy Get-Togethers

Warm and welcoming
Enjoy the pleasure of private eating with our four-person round dining tables. Every meal is a delightful experience thanks to the compact form, which promotes personal connections. As you gather around a warm table to share tales, laughs, and delicious food, you'll foster a sense of community.

Considering Design

Our four-person round dining tables are expertly crafted to combine design and usability. Everyone will have plenty of room thanks to the carefully considered proportions, and the circular shape encourages a welcoming dining experience.

Easy Entertaining with 6 Seater Dining Tables


With one of our six-seat dining tables, you can turn your dining area into a centre of fun. These tables offer the ideal backdrop for hosting amazing occasions, whether it's a holiday feast or a celebratory gathering. Your dining area will be the talk of the neighbourhood with its ample seats and air of luxury.

created with grandeur

Our six-seat dining tables are examples of elegant design and careful construction. The roomy design provides enough space for guests to dine in ease, and the fine accents give your dining area an air of opulence.

At Lectory, Find Your Ideal Dining Table.

The best collection of dining tables are available at Lectory, elevating your eating space. Round, white, black, four-seater, and six-seater dining tables are all part of our carefully picked selection and each is intended to improve your eating experiences. Find a dining table that expresses your own taste and improves the centre of your house by perusing our range today.