Danish Dining table | Minimalist Ovel | Timber Top | White | 120x70cm

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Revealing eternal beauty

With this Danish Dining Table, experience the very best in elegance. This wonderful piece of furniture perfectly captures the sense of eternal beauty thanks to its precise construction and superb design. The modern oval design is a perfect addition to any eating area because it embodies both simplicity and class.

  • Observe enduring elegance
  • modern oval design
  • Ideal for any dining room

Woodworking Excellence - Made with Excellence

The finely constructed wood top of our Danish dining table is not only beautiful to look at but also strong. Every meal is made more real by the natural wood grain, and more opulent by the smooth finish. The timber top invites you to indulge in flair and substance whether you're hosting a family reunion or a romantic dinner for two.

  • actual top made of wood
  • durable construction
  • smooth and opulent finish

Versatile Sophistication Elevate Your Space with White Delight

Take advantage of the Danish Dining Table in White to embrace the appeal of minimalist style. Whether it's a modern apartment or a traditional home, this adaptable colour option instantly enhances any space. The pure white colour represents purity and provides a blank canvas for you to create your own style through table settings, decor, and other elements.

  • White is a flexible colour.
  • enhances any interior
  • enables customization
Material - Top  Timber
Material - Base   Timber + Steel
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