Enhance Your Space's Lighting with High-End Accessories

Lectory's amazing selection of Lighting Accessories will help you realise the full potential of the ambience in your house. Create the ideal environment for every occasion by raising the bar on interior design. Our range gives you the tools you need to create a lighting experience that complements your particular taste and preferences, from elegant Light Switches to adaptable Light Dimmers and durable GPOs.

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3A LED Dimmer Mech | Push Button | Leading & Trailing Edge
LED Light Bulb | Edision A60 | 4W Clear Glass | Straight
LED Light Bulb | Edision A60 | 4W Clear Glass | T-Spiral
LED Light Bulb | Edision A60 | 6W Frosted Glass
LED Light Bulb | Edision C35 | 2W Clear Glass | Straight
LED Light Bulb | Edison G125 | 4W Clear Glass | XO- Shaped
LED Light Bulb | Edison G45 | 2W Clear Glass | Straight
LED Light Bulb | Edison G95 | 4W Clear Glass | XO- Shaped
LED Light Bulb | Edison ST64 | 4W Clear Glass | Rabbit Ear
LED Light Bulb | Edison ST64 | 4W Clear Glass | T-Spiral
LED Light Bulb | Edison T30 | 6W Clear Glass | Cross
LED Light Bulb | Edison T45 | 4W Clear Glass | Straight
Melec Blind Snake | Rapid Plug Base | Quicke Connector
Philips Hue | Smart Button | Dimmer Controller / Switch

Find a Huge Selection

Discover a wide range of lighting accessories that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our collection of premium products in our Lighting Accessories category has been carefully chosen to work with your current setup. You can easily improve the appearance and functionality of any space with an assortment that includes anything from stylish Light Switches to cutting-edge Light Dimmers.

Improve Interior Design

Makeover your living areas into eye-catching visual displays. Our lighting accessories are painstakingly made to go with different interior design styles. Our goods provide the ideal final touch to fulfil your decor vision, whether you're going for a contemporary, minimalist appearance or a traditional, sumptuous vibe.

Lighting Control with Accuracy

Gain unmatched control over your lighting. You can effortlessly alter the brightness levels to create the ideal ambience for any situation with our high-tech Light Dimmers. The ability to create the right atmosphere is at your disposal, whether you're having a peaceful evening or hosting a cosy dinner party.

Uncomplicated functionality

With our innovative GPOs, you may enjoy the utmost in ease. Streamline the way you power your electrical gadgets. Bid adieu to disorganised cables and tangled connections in favour of a more functional and organised living area.

Unbroken Integration

Modern light switches that effortlessly fit into your existing electrical system will modernise your home. We have a wide variety of styles and finishes in our selection so you may discover the ideal complement for your decor. Each switch adds personality to your walls in addition to serving as a practical component.

Superior Durability

Make an investment in durable lighting accessories. Our solutions are designed to provide enduring performance, guaranteeing that your lighting system will continue to be dependable and effective for many years. Make a reliable quality choice.

Today, Improve Your Lighting Accessories

Discover the variety of lighting options available to you by browsing the Lighting Accessories category on Lectory. With a wide variety, cutting-edge features, and a dedication to quality, our products provide you with the power to design a space that represents your own sense of style. Rethink how you experience lighting and elevate your interior design. Lectory will illuminate your world.