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Thank you for visiting Lectory, your one-stop shop for smart home technologies. Your experience with home automation will be revolutionised by our line of Smart Light Sensors & Hubs. We give you the tools you need to design a smart, flawlessly connected home with a variety of cutting-edge goods. Bid adieu to outmoded lighting setups and welcome the smart home automation of the future.

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Take Intelligent Lighting Control into Account

Are you sick of searching in the dark for light switches? The way you interact with the lighting system in your house will change thanks to our intelligent motion sensors. These sensors use cutting-edge motion detection technology to turn on your lights when you enter a room and turn them off when you leave. Enjoy a hands-free experience while also conserving electricity. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy use and hello to simple convenience.

Flexible Lighting Automation

Utilise our intelligent sensors to regulate your lighting in ways you never have before. To suit your mood and requirements, alter brightness settings, establish routines, and design personalised lighting scenes. Our clever sensors let you easily adjust your lighting, whether you want a warm environment for movie nights or strong illumination for effective work sessions. Discover the potential of customised lighting automation and improve the quality of every moment in your house.

Automatic Climate Control

With our intelligent temperature sensors, bid erratic temps farewell and embrace a flawlessly balanced environment. With the help of these sensors, which track the temperature in every area of your house, your heating and cooling systems are automatically modified for maximum comfort. Take advantage of a cosy ambience, better air quality, and energy savings throughout the entire room. Lectory will provide you access to the most advanced smart temperature control technology.

Integrating Effortlessly to Increase Efficiency

Our intelligent temperature sensors easily interact with the hubs and other components of your current smart home ecosystem. These sensors collect temperature and humidity data, which offers useful information about the climate in your home. To increase your comfort and energy efficiency, get real-time notifications, monitor temperature patterns, and make wise decisions. A perfect climate may now be easily maintained thanks to Lectory's intelligent temperature sensors.

Enhanced Security and Mindfulness

With our smart door sensors, you can safeguard your loved ones and priceless possessions. These clever gadgets alert you each time a window or door is opened or closed, enabling you to keep an eye on the security of your house in real-time. Whether you're at home or travelling, have peace of mind by receiving immediate alerts on your smartphone. You can easily increase your home's security using Lectory's smart door sensors.

Automated Convenience at Your Fingertips

Imagine coming home to a front door that is illuminated by an automatic walkway. This is made possible by our sophisticated door sensors. They can do certain tasks, like turning on porch lights or unlocking your door, when you approach thanks to their built-in capabilities. Experience the ease of automatic entry and exit scenarios, which will streamline and improve the efficiency of your daily activities.

Environment Redefined

With our smart sensor lights, you can set the ideal mood for every occasion. Based on the time of day, your preferences, and even your activities, these intelligent lighting systems modify their brightness and colour temperature. Our clever sensor lights offer the optimal lighting atmosphere for every situation, whether you're entertaining guests for a cosy meal or unwinding with a nice book. Set the mood like never before and elevate your area with simple lighting control.