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Philips Hue 100W Power Supply | AU Plug | Black
Philips Hue Appear | Black RGBW Outdoor Wall Lamp | IP65
Philips Hue Bulbs Bluetooth GU10 White and Colored Light
Philips Hue Fuzo | Black Outdoor Pedestral Garden Light
Philips Hue Plug | Smart Plug | 3 Pin Plug
Philips Hue Muscari | 45W LED Ceiling Lamp | White Ambiance
Philips Hue Adore | 5.5W White LED Spot Light | Single Head
Philips Hue Aurelle Hue Panel RD White | 3216431P6
Philips Hue Bloom Gen4 EU / UK extra lamp White

Philips Hue Bloom Gen4 EU / UK extra lamp White

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Philips Hue Buckram | 11W Black LED Spot Light | Double Head
Philips Hue Buckram | 11W White LED Spot Light | Double Head

Philips Hue is a range of LED lights, bulbs, and lamps that can be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone or tablet. With Philips Hue, you can easily change the mood of your home with the click of a button. Choose from a wide variety of colours to create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

There are also plain white lights for those who want something less bright or vibrant but still visible in dark rooms! And if your living space needs more colour than just one hue then check out their Multicoloured strip light which is perfect for creating an interesting background pattern on any surface from walls to ceilings (and even floors).

Philips Hue products are also a great way to add some extra convenience and security to your home. With the Hue system, you can set timers and schedules for your lights, so they turn on and off automatically. You can also use the Hue app to control your lights when you're away from home

Philips Hue is a great option if you're looking for a way to add some fun and festivity to your home. With the Hue app, you can easily control all your lights and create custom lighting designs for any occasion.