Philips Hue Being | 39W Black LED Pendant Lamp

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Make a statement with this striking black pendant light. The Philips Hue Being LED lamp casts a warm glow that fills your space with understated elegance. The seamless design allows the light to become the centerpiece, while the dimmable function lets you set just the right ambiance for any mood. Crafted from durable materials, this pendant light is built to last for years of use. Whether you're aiming for a moody dining room atmosphere or a soft glow in your living room, the Being light delivers. Use it to highlight architectural details, guide you through kitchen prep, or simply enjoy the warm LED light. This versatile pendant lamp is perfect for modern homes that appreciate simplicity, quality design and smart, multi-functional lighting.

Zigbee Protocol Integrated LED Driver

that allows Switch On & Off through the phone app

as well as Stepless Dimming

Stepless Colour Temperature Changing

A Zigbee mesh hub is required 

We recommend Philips Hue Bridge

Its phone app is extremely easy to play with

Compatible with most of the smart home hubs

Pre-set colour temperature recipes and a lot more interesting features for the user to explore

Zigbee Smart LED Pendant Lamp, Philips Hue Compatible

Input: 230V AC 50-60Hz
Output 39W
Dimension 42.1 x 42.1 x 8cm
Hanging Strings 1.5M Adjustable 
Lumen Output 3000lm
Dimmable  Yes, Through Philips Hue Bridge
CT Adjustable Yes, Through Philips Hue Bridge
CT Range 2200K ~ 6500K Hue White Ambiance
Lighting Coverage 10-18 Sqm
Room Fitting Advice Living Room, Bed Room