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We're glad you've chosen Lectory as your go-to source for cutting-edge home automation solutions. With our selection of Zigbee smart switches, discover the future of lighting control. Our smart switches provide you with the ability to easily modify your area while bringing convenience, efficiency, and style into your home.

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NUE Smart ZigBee Switch - 1 Gang | Wall Mount Light Switch
NUE Smart ZigBee Switch - 2 Gang | Wall Mount Light Switch
NUE Smart ZigBee Switch - 3 Gang | Wall Mount Light Switch
NUE Smart ZigBee Switch - 4 Gang | Wall Mount Light Switch

Simple Integration and Control:

With Zigbee smart switches, you can easily control your lighting. By effortlessly integrating with your home automation system, these switches let you control and personalise your lighting from a single app. Abandon conventional switches and welcome the comforts of contemporary automation.

Easy Control with Smart Switch Apps:

Our Zigbee smart switches come with user-friendly apps that make managing your lighting a pleasure. You can modify brightness settings, schedule lighting sequences, and turn lights on and off with just a few taps on your smartphone. From the palm of your hand, take total control of your lighting setup.

Compatible with a Variety of Popular Home Automation Systems:

Lectory's Zigbee smart switches are compatible with a variety of well-known home automation systems. Our switches readily interact with any smart home system, whether you prefer Philips Hue, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Habitat, or SmartThings Hub. This gives you the freedom to pick the setup that best meets your needs.

Improve Your Smart Home Experience:

Use Zigbee smart switches to turn your house into a smart sanctuary. By modifying brightness levels and colour temperatures to fit your mood or the occasion, you may create a unique atmosphere. Take advantage of the ease of voice control, planning, and automation to easily add life to your home.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

By implementing Zigbee smart switches, you'll not only improve home automation but also lower energy costs. To maximise energy use, take advantage of cutting-edge technologies like occupancy sensors and energy monitoring. Enjoy the advantages of energy conservation while lowering your utility costs.

Zigbee Technology for Dependable Performance:

Our smart switches utilise Zigbee technology to guarantee dependable performance and seamless connectivity throughout your home. Experience a strong, secure wireless network that enables seamless communication between your switches, giving you a dependable lighting control solution.

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Discover the power of Zigbee smart switches and elevate your home automation experience. At Lectory, we offer a wide selection of Zigbee smart switches in Australia, designed to meet your lighting control needs. Whether you're starting from scratch or expanding your existing smart home setup, our range of switches has you covered.

Visit Lectory today and explore the possibilities of transforming your home into a smart haven. Enjoy seamless integration, effortless control, and energy efficiency with our Zigbee smart switches. Revolutionize your lighting control and embrace the future of home automation.