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Welcome to Lectory, the place to go for all your smart home needs. Discover our wide selection of cutting-edge smart light switches that will turn your home into a hub of comfort, effectiveness, and style. With our selection of smart switches, which has been carefully chosen to match the requirements of contemporary Australian households, you can discover the potential of automation and take control of your lighting. With the push of a button, you may completely transform how you interact with your lighting system with our cutting-edge products.

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Aeotec Multi Sensor 6 | Smart Lighting | Z-Wave 6-In-1
Aeotec Smart Motion Sensor - Works with SmartThings
Brilliant Smart Wi-Fi Socket | USB Charger | 240V
Philips Hue Bulbs Bluetooth GU10 White and Colored Light
Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor | IP65 | Weather Proof
NUE Smart ZigBee Switch - 1 Gang | Wall Mount Light Switch
NUE Smart ZigBee Switch - 2 Gang | Wall Mount Light Switch
NUE Smart ZigBee Switch - 3 Gang | Wall Mount Light Switch
NUE Smart ZigBee Switch - 4 Gang | Wall Mount Light Switch
Philips Hue Plug | Smart Plug | 3 Pin Plug

Unlock the Potential of Smart Lighting Control

Experience the power of intelligent technology with our selection of intelligent light switches. You can easily manage your lights at home or away with a single touch or voice command and set the ideal mood for any occasion. Our smart light switches provide you total control over your illumination whether you're trying to brighten up your living room, create a cosy dinner scene, or make your bedroom seem restful.

Integrate Your Smart Home System Effortlessly

Our smart light switches are made to work in harmony with the systems already in place in your smart home. Our switches are interoperable with a number of protocols, guaranteeing a simple integration procedure whether you have a Zigbee, Wi-Fi, or Nue-enabled system. Profit from the convenience of being able to control your lights from anywhere with your smartphone or Google Home or Alexa voice assistant by making the most of your smart home automation system.

Utilise Smart Dimmer Switches to Promote Energy Efficiency

With our intelligent dimmer switches, you can conserve energy and lower your electricity costs. Your lights' brightness can be changed to produce the ideal ambience while using less energy. Dim the lights for a calm evening or to set the tone for movie evenings or reading sessions set up an automated brightness schedule through the smart app. With complete control over your lighting levels provided by our smart dimmer switches, you can conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.

Ctec Wi-Fi Smart Switches, Nue Zigbee Light switch, a Variety of Options

Because every home is different, we at Lectory provide a wide variety of smart switch solutions. Choose from renowned brands like Ctec, Nue, and Philips Hue to get the switch that best suits your requirements. Our selection of smart switches includes something for everyone, whether you want a sleek, contemporary style or a more classic one. Look through our selection to locate the ideal smart switch to match your home's design.

Australian smart light switches with RCM Standard Mark SAA  Approval a: Designed to Meet Your Needs

The smart light switches that Lectory proudly provides were created exclusively for the Australian market. Our switches are designed to adhere to Australian safety laws, giving you peace of mind and consistent performance. With smart switches that are designed to meet your demands and provide you with the highest convenience and control, you can completely transform your house.

Improve Your Home Lighting Right Now!

Lectory's Smart Light Switches will improve your experience with lights in your home. Enjoy the ease, energy efficiency, and intelligent control that our switches provide as you embrace the future of home automation. Lectory is your go-to place for all your smart home needs thanks to its effortless integration, vast selection, and compatibility with top smart home systems.