Aeotec Multi Sensor 6 | Smart Lighting | Z-Wave 6-In-1

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Make your home really intelligent


One tiny device packed full of intelligence.

A smart home is only truly smart when it is intelligent.

A smart home has to offer more than a schedule; it has to react to what?? occurring in a home in real-time.

MultiSensor 6 is the foundation of a modern smart home; within its perfectly small exterior lies all the technology for real-time intelligence.


The best MultiSensor The best Z-Wave


MultiSensor 6 has the newest version of Z-Wave built right in.

It is a better version of Z-Wave than yours. l find in our first MultiSensor and in competing products.

It uses the latest chips and firmware for cutting-edge performance.

That Z-Wave is Gen5.

MultiSensor 6 is a part of Aeotec by Aeon Labs Gen5 range of Z-Wave products.

That means it outperforms all that has come before it.

It builds upon the latest Z-Wave 500 series chip and firmware, offering a 67% greater wireless range and a 250% faster communication speed over previous Z-Wave products.

And, because security is integral, it always has AES 128 bit security encryption built right in.


2 Years Warranty