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Auslock | Smart Deadbolt | T11 | Black | Fingerprint
Auslock | Smart Liver Handle | Novo Series | Black
Yale Smart Keypad Only - Bluetooth & App Integrated
Yale Zigbee Network Module - Zigbee Bridge Compatible
Auslock | Smart Liver Handle | Novo Series | Black + Silver
Yale | Key Tag | RFID | For YURDEL1SIL

Yale | Key Tag | RFID | For YURDEL1SIL

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Yale | Wifi Bridge | For YURDEL1SIL

Yale | Wifi Bridge | For YURDEL1SIL

Free shipping over $499*

What are Smart Locks?

'Smart locks' encompass a range of keyless entry systems that use advanced technologies for secure access. Typically, these locks offer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a combination of both for unlocking purposes, aligning with consumer expectations for Smart devices.

Most smart locks come with a dedicated app for door unlocking, setting adjustments, and alternative access methods like keypads or biometric fingerprint readers. They generally support multiple user accounts, temporary access codes for guests or service providers, access history tracking, and remote control capabilities (only for Wi-Fi-enabled devices).

How reliable is the security of Smart Locks?

As with any connected device, there are potential risks associated with using smart locks. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled locks can be vulnerable to hacking attempts. However, you can take some precautions to enhance their security.

Adhere to standard internet safety practices: create a unique, robust password, change it periodically, and enable two-factor authentication. Refrain from using easily guessable passwords that include pop culture references, birthdates, or pet names, as these do not necessitate sophisticated hacking tools to crack.

Pairing your smart lock with a video-integrated device, such as a security camera or intelligent doorbell, is highly advisable. This allows you to remotely verify visitor identities and capture video evidence in the event of unauthorized access.

Setting up a smart lock

The feasibility of installing a smart lock yourself primarily depends on your skill level and the availability of necessary tools and online resources like YouTube tutorials.

Deadbolts and mortice locks can be installed effortlessly if the required space is already prepared or if you're replacing an existing lock.

However, you might need to drill or carve out parts of the door, particularly when substituting a deadbolt with a mortice lock. This task can be challenging without the proper know-how, so it might be wiser to engage the services of a professional locksmith.