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AU Smart Lock Handy Series: Experience the Future of Smart Door Security

The Handy Series, the newest invention from AU Smart Lock, is a smart fingerprint Bluetooth control system door lock that raises the bar for door security. This smart lock redefines ease and improves your experience of living a smart life thanks to its user-friendly WiFi App control system and streamlined aesthetic design. With just a touch of your fingerprint, you can quickly lock your door and enjoy all the benefits of smart living. The AU Smart Lock Handy Series is the best option for enhancing your home's protection with cutting-edge technology because it is made to fit both wooden and security doors and is compatible with all types of mortises.

Design Simplified for Greater Convenience

The AU Smart Lock Handy Series has an elegant and straightforward design that fits in with any contemporary home. Its outward appearance hides its sophisticated technology, which offers a simple unlocking procedure. The door quickly unlocks with only a light touch of your fingerprint on the handle, doing away with the need for keys and streamlining your daily routine. With this cutting-edge smart lock, you can enjoy the incredible ease of smart living while also enhancing security and elevating the look of your home.

Convenience and compatibility

Because it is made to accommodate different door types, the Handy Series is very adaptable and compatible. This smart lock is appropriate for all types of mortise doors, including wooden doors and security doors. The AU Smart Lock Handy Series is an all-in-one solution that satisfies all of your security requirements, so you can stop struggling to find the ideal lock for your particular door type.

Six Convenient Ways to Unlock

Unlock the door with the help of the specialised app by wirelessly connecting your smartphone to the smart lock. From your phone, easily control access.

  • Fingerprint Unlock: With the Fingerprint Unlock function, embrace the future of biometric security. Enjoy rapid and safe access with only a touch after registering your fingerprint.
  • Bluetooth APP Unlock: Using Bluetooth, you can easily link your smartphone to the smart lock and use the specialised app to open the door. Utilise your phone to easily control access.
  • By using the Remote WiFi Unlock option, you can improve the management of your smart locks. Utilise remote door access from anywhere, at any time, by connecting the lock to your home WiFi network.
  • PIN Unlock: Create a special password or PIN for increased security, then easily open the door by keying in the assigned code.
  • Card Unlock: Take advantage of the ease of card access. To gain rapid and secure admission, only present the authorised card to the smart lock.
  • Mechanical Keys Unlock: As a dependable fallback alternative, the AU Smart Lock Handy Series incorporates conventional mechanical keys, ensuring access even in emergency situations.

Management of Advanced APPs for Complete Control

You are in control of the security of your house with the AU Smart Lock Handy Series. Use WiFi or Bluetooth to link the smart lock to your smartphone using the cutting-edge APP administration system. You can easily control your smart door lock with this seamless connection from any location at any time. Access can be easily granted to family, friends, or service providers while you retain complete control over your home's security.

AU Smart Lock Handy Series: Boost Your Security

With its cutting-edge technology and numerous unlocking choices, the Handy Series from AU Smart Lock revolutionises smart door security. Embrace the streamlined design and seamless functionality of the door security of the future. Use the most up-to-date smart door locks to improve your home's security and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with unparalleled safety and ease.

6 ways to unlock: WiFi APP Access, Bluetooth APP Access, Fingerprint Unlock, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key Unlock;

  • Convenient APP management system, you can manage your smart lock anytime and anywhere;
  • You can manage a large number of locks with just one phone;
  • Simple Door Handle settings, suitable for various scenarios;
  • Multi-level administrator settings to help you better manage your smart buildings;
  • Query unlock records anytime and anywhere, the first time to know your home security;
  • The compact size fits all wooden doors and metal doors;
  • FPC fingerprint reader gives you the best security experience ;
  • Emergency power supply in case of lost power;


Item Name WiFi Door Lock
Item Number Handy 31B
Unlock Ways Bluetooth APP, WiFi APP, Fingerprint, Password, Card, Mechanical Key
Fingerprint Reader FPC Fingerprint Reader
Card Type MF1 Card (13.56MHz)
Identification Time <0.1S
Material Made Zinc Alloy
Colors Available Black, Silver
Application Places Residential, Apartment, Home, Office, Airbnb
Item Size 270mm*70mm*19mm
Door Thickness 30mm~75mm
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working Humidity 10%~95%
Voltage 12V (8x AAA Batteries)
Low Voltage Warning Below 4.8V
Battery Duration Support 10,000 Times of Lock & Unlock Operation
Data Capacity Unlimited
Language English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Malay and more is coming