Philips Hue Fuzo | Black Outdoor Pedestral Garden Light

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Standing lighting

The Fuzo collection includes wall lights and standing lamps. You can place the low standing lamp anywhere outdoors. Light up a pathway with a few of these lamps, or position them by the steps. Avoid any missteps by lighting up dark areas. This lightweight lamp is very strong and resistant to harsh weather conditions. You can use the Fuzo lamp as a feature in your garden or position it strategically to showcase a driveway, tree, plant, or flowerbed. The warm white light can be dimmed to create just the right ambiance.

Automatic and easy

The Hue Fuzo lamp is part of the Philips Hue range. This means you can connect your Hue indoor and outdoor lighting to the app. You need the Hue Bridge, which links the lamps with the app, for this. The app enables you to switch your lights on and off automatically and remotely. But that’s not all. You can easily dim the lights, change the colours, set a timer, remotely switch lamps on and off, and much more via the app. Set a timer or schedule the lights to switch on or off automatically as the sun sets and rises. It can be ideally combined with an outdoor sensor for outdoor lighting. This switches your lighting on and off automatically. You’ll never need to find your way in the dark again, and instead receive a warm welcome with the Fuzo lamp. You can find lots more information and all the accessories you’ll need at Lectory.


This low standing lamp in the form of a beam is 40cm high and 10cm wide and long. As mentioned previously, the lamp is very lightweight thanks to its plastic and metal design. The extremely energy-efficient LED bulb is included with the Fuzo lamp.

Hue Fuzo Pedestal Garden Light, LED 15W 2700K (extra warm white) 1150lm 230V, black. IP44. LED light source included. Size: 10x10x40cm. This product is suitable for outdoor use (IP44).