9W Philips Wiz Smart WIFI Light Bulb | E27 | RGBW

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Easy-to-use smart dimmable bulb

that creates a relaxing atmosphere with warm, soft white light


  • 1x smart dimmable bulb E26
  • Soft White
  • Control via voice or app
  • Only works with the WiZ app



Designed for the comfort of your eye


It's easy to see how harsh lighting can strain the eyes. Too bright, and you get glare. Too soft and you experience flicker. Now you can gently light up your world with LEDs designed to go easy on the eyes, and create the perfect ambience for your home



Millions of colours, pre-set static and dynamic scenes


Live life colourfully. Choose from a palette of millions of light colours to create an amazing atmosphere in your home. Dynamic light modes make any room glow in your favourite colour



Warm white light that dims and tunes


Create a cosy atmosphere with a thousand shades of relaxing warm white light. Use the WiZ app or favourite voice device to switch between different tones of white light and dim for the right mood



Light that shows true colours


See the true colours of your clothes when you select an outfit from your wardrobe – you can pair a red dress and red shoes with confidence and be sure the colours match perfectly



Instant app control


Adjust the lighting from anywhere using the free, easy-to-use app. No need to go from room to room to make sure all your lights are off. Control all lights wherever you are with the smartphone app for iOS and Android



Cool white light that dims and tunes


Brighten up your home with a cool energizing daylight. Dim and tune via voice or app for the right light that supports your daily activities



Voice control via Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.


Get hands-free control of your lights and use your voice instead. With voice-activated devices from Google and Amazon or use Siri shortcuts, you can control your lights with just the sound of your voice.