40W Edison Star Screw Lamp Bulb DM120

40W Edison Star Screw Lamp Bulb DM120

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Edison Christmas Tree Filament Bulb - DM64.

  • 40W
  • E27 Screw
  • 220~240V
  • 3000 Hours lifespan
Number of bulbs 1
Power  40W
Fitting type E27 Screw
Material    Clear Glass + Pure Copper Lamp Cap   
Colour temperature        2700K 

φ 55mm

H 140mm 

Lifespan 1500-3000 hours
Colour Warm Amber

EU EUcompatible/ UK UKcompatible 220~240volt

AU AustralianCompatible/ NZNewZealandCompatible 220~240volt

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