Danish Dining Table | Coffee Stand | 105cm Height | Timber Top | White Base

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The ideal combination of form and function

The Danish Dining Table Coffee Stand is a chic accessory that skilfully melds form and function. This coffee stand, which measures 105 cm tall, is intended to draw attention. It provides a useful answer for your coffee demands while also adding a sense of elegance to any area with its white base and timber top.

  • impressive 105 cm height
  • a fusion of style and utility
  • White base and wood top work together.


Redefining Coffee Moments to Elevate Your Everyday

The Danish Dining Table Coffee Stand will enhance your coffee moments. This stand adds refinement to every sip, whether you're drinking your morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up. The white base matches your environment with its sleek and contemporary design, while the wood top provides enough of space for your coffee necessities.

  • Every sip is sophisticated
  • sufficient room for coffee necessities
  • a crisp, contemporary white base


Where Versatility and Style Collide The Perfect Coffee Friend

The Danish Dining Table Coffee Stand offers more than just beautiful looks. For all your coffee-related activities, it is a flexible buddy. Use it as a desk for working or reading, or even as a chic plant stand for your prefered plants. Being 105 cm tall, it offers a comfortable working environment for a variety of jobs, making it a crucial addition to your room.

  • flexible coffee buddy
  • ideal for a variety of activities
  • Comfortable 105 cm tall
Material - Top  Timber
Material - Base   Timber + Steel
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