NUE Smart Zigbee Gadgets | In - Ceiling Light Dimmer

NUE Smart Zigbee Gadgets | In - Ceiling Light Dimmer


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This Zigbee smart light controller is a perfect alternative option for Clipsal C-Bus Smart Lighting System

It changes your normal room lighting setup to a smart lighting setup by adding this in-ceiling dimmer switch unit

Without a need for replacing the existing light switch.

It is an On / Off controller that allows voice controlsetting timerssetting routine schedules and more.



Voice Control Supports Google Home and Amazone Alexa through Nue Bridge or SmartThings Hub
App Control Carry out tasks according to different functions offered by smartphone apps
IFTTT Not Yet Supported
Function On / Off / Dimming (15% - 100%)
Wifi Friendly Creates no interfere with the existing Wifi and internet connection
Security  It protects your home with home automation tasks during holidays
SAA Approval Comply with SAA Australian Safe Electronic Standard


Voltage Range:  AC 110-240V 50-60Hz
Dimensions:  110 x 40 x 26mm
Colour:  While
Load Capacity  Max load of 300W within the same circuit  (25 x 12W Downlights)
Warranty   2 Years replacement warranty
Installation  Must be installed by a licenced electrician (NO DIY)
Safety Approval  SAA - PDF version of the certificate will be supplied upon request

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2 Years Seller's Replacement Warranty

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