Wall Hook Bolt Shape Set | Floating Hanging Screw Rack Display Decor [Type: Walnut]

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  • Great utility wall decor that adds an eye-catching element on to the monotonous wall 
  • Creating stereo perception and functioning like a coat hanger at the same time
  • Choose either Walnut or Aluminium to match with the style of the interior in your rooms



  • This item is currently sold on backorders only, all purchase will be dispatched after 20th of July,
  • Delay may occur which depends on customs clearance progress.

Material Natural Walnut / Aluminium             
Available Colours Walnut / Metallic
Dimension (H x W) 5.5  x 12cm 
Holding Capacity 5KG
Mounting Method Screws
Mounting Surface Any type of wall ( Brick, Wood, Plaster, Concrete and more)
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