ROLI Blocks | Lightpad & Seaboard

BLOCKS is the modular music making system that grows with you. Each Block is incredibly powerful, putting musical expression right at your fingertips. Start with one Block. Connect more Blocks together. Customize the instrument that’s right for you, and grow all the way with your music.

Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block are powerful musical instruments, and they’re also the centrepieces of a BLOCKS kit. Start building your modular instrument by choosing from two expressive musical surfaces. Or start by connecting Lightpad Blocks and Seaboard Blocks together.

Realize the full power of modular music making straight out of the box with BLOCKS Kits. Combining state-of-the-art expressive playing surfaces and premium bundled software packages, Kits are curated BLOCKS collections that form dynamic instruments in their own right.

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