Aeotec Nano Ranger Extender 6 Lighting Control | Z-Wave Signal Amp

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Z-Wave manages your home.

Range Extender 6 keeps it reliable.


We all know how annoying weak wireless signals can be.

Weak WiFi and poor phone signals are frustrating.

Imagine if your smart home was also plagued by weak wireless signals and the same frustrations?

Your smart home would not be very smart.

Range Extender 6 from Aeotec ensures that your connected home stays connected.

It intelligently listens to the commands and reports that your Z-Wave network sends, actively capturing weak signals and then amplifying and repeating them.


Secure communication

The first edition helped make Z-Wave reliable 

Range Extender 6 takes that to another level with its foundations rebuilt upon Z-Wave Plus and Aeotec Gen5 technology.

2 Years Warranty