Black PVC Coated Dual Layer Flexible Air Duct - 5 Meters | 152MM (6" Inch) | Ventilation

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This black air duct is ready to help your ventilation system breathe easy. Made from a double layer of flexible PVC coated with a durable black PVC outer wrap, this 5-meter duct is completely light-tight and airtight so there are no pinholes or air leaks to sap your system's efficiency. The ribbed silver inner liner helps direct air flow smoothly while the light-blocking outer coating ensures no light can creep through. Flexible yet sturdy, this duct can be bent and shaped to fit any installation need while remaining kink- and crease-free to maintain optimal airflow. Whether you're ventilating a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, this black PVC-coated duct will deliver dependable performance year after year.

  • Durable construction for long lasting performance
  • Diameter: 152MM (6” Inch) 
  • Length: 5 Meters