Galvanized Steel Duct Reducer / Increaser - 300MM (12" Inch) to 250MM (10" Inch)

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The versatile galvanized steel duct increaser/reducer helps keep airflow at optimal efficiency whether you need to increase or decrease your duct diameter. When mounted, it works with common duct materials from residential to commercial buildings. The internally smooth cylindrical tube reduces turbulence for maximum airflow, while durability and ease-of-use enhancements make installation simple. It's ideal for increasing duct diameter when installing fans or other equipment, helping keep airflow performance top-notch.

Available in various sizes:

  • 150MM (6" Inch) to 100MM (4" Inch)
  • 200MM (8" Inch) to 150MM (6" Inch)
  • 250MM (10" Inch) to 200MM (8" Inch)
  • 300MM (12" Inch) to 250MM (10" Inch)
  • 350MM (14" Inch) to 300MM (12" Inch)