Aluminium Duct Reducer / Increaser - 300MM (12" Inch) to 250MM (10" Inch)

SKU: DUCT31103
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This slim aluminium reducer/increaser ensures maximum efficiency for your ductwork. The internally smooth sleeve easily clamps to ducting or rivets to pipe, allowing you to increase or decrease the diameter to accommodate various outlets. The lightweight aluminium blend construction makes installation simple, while the smooth interior surface minimizes airflow resistance so you get the best performance possible. Whether you need to transition between different duct sizes or attach ductwork to existing pipes, this reducer/increaser helps your HVAC system run at peak efficiency in an esthetically pleasing way.

The slim aluminium reducer/increaser is currently available in the following sizes:

  • 200MM (8" Inch) to 150MM (6" Inch)
  • 250MM (10" Inch) to 200MM (8" Inch)
  • 300MM (12" Inch) to 250MM (10" Inch)
  • 350MM (14" Inch) to 300MM (12" Inch)