Polyester Insulated Flexible Acoustic Duct - 203MM (8" Inch) x 6M | R1.0 | 50MM Insulation

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Insulated ducting doesn't just quietly move air around your home, it also helps muffle sounds within your walls. This 6-metres length of 50mm thick polyester ducting features an R1.0 insulation rating to provide soundproofing for your HVAC system. The tear-resistant and puncture-proof material helps ensure the ducting stays air-tight over time, so cooled or heated air flows efficiently to the intended room without leaks that waste energy. Properly installed insulated ducting like this flex duct can make a big impact on the performance of your entire HVAC system.

  • Metalized Inner Core
  • Polyester Insulation
  • Metalized Outer Fire Jacket
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
  • Operation Pressure: -190pa to +1200pa
  • General Use: Heating and cooling
  • Domestic and commercial systems