Polyester Insulated Flexible Acoustic Duct - 254MM (10" Inch) x 6M | R0.6 | 25MM Insulation

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Insulated ducting doesn't just quietly move air around your home, it also helps muffle sounds within your walls. This 6-metres length of 25mm thick polyester ducting features an R0.6 insulation rating to provide soundproofing for your HVAC system. The tear-resistant and puncture-proof material helps ensure the ducting stays air-tight over time, so cooled or heated air flows efficiently to the intended room without leaks that waste energy. Properly installed insulated ducting like this flex duct can make a big impact on the performance of your entire HVAC system.

  • Fire resistant. This is an important building regulation requirement as it reduces the risk of fire spreading through the duct to different rooms.
  • Fiberglass insulation. Greatly reduces air flow noise
  • Aluminum construction for lasting performance, total flexibility and heat exhaust capabilities
  • The maximum temperature it can stand is 60 degrees Celsius
  • Can be used in conjunction with mechanical ventilation, air conditioning systems, extractor fans, cooker hoods etc
  • PRODUCT: R0.6 Metalised Sleeve, Polyester Flexible Duct (3-Zero).
  • CONSTRUCTION: Black Inner Core with Metalised Outer surface multi-layered construction containing high level grade Flame Retardant Water based adhesive with high tensile wire helix encapsulated.
  • METALISED OUTER SLEEVE: Multi-layered construction (Metalised Outer Layer) containing high quality grade flame retardant adhesive.
  • INSULATION TYPE: Polyester Insulation Blanket to achieve thermal rating of R0.6
  • LENGTH: 6 Metre lengths
  • OPERATING PRESSURE RANGE: 1000 Pa positive, 200 Pa negative