LED Wall Lamp | Marble Oval With Brass Edge | 10.3 x 35cm / 10.3 x 50cm [Size: Small 10.3 x 35cm]

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With the help of our LED Wall Lamp, you can turn your living area into a sophisticated and stylish retreat. In addition to adding a sophisticated touch to your house, this gorgeous Marble Oval design with a Brass Edge offers practical and economical lighting. Prepare to find the ideal fusion of style and functionality.

Input 240V AC
Output 6W 480lm
Light Source 2 x 3W G4 LED light bulb (included)
Material - Diffuser Marble Panel
Material - Holder/Base Brass
Warranty  2 Years 

Q: What kind of ambiance does this LED Wall Lamp create?

A: The soft, warm glow of this wall lamp creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for both relaxation and entertaining.

Q: Is installation complicated?

A: Not at all! This LED Wall Lamp comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions. You'll have it up and shining in no time.

Q: Is the LED Wall Lamp energy-efficient?

A: Yes, it's highly energy-efficient. The LED technology not only provides ample lighting but also saves on your electricity bills.