Lectory LED Pendant Lamp | Brass Holder Amberina | Clear Glass | 20cm

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This pendant light brings a stylish glow to your space with its amberina brass holder and clear glass shade. The LED light source ensures that the illumination is even and warm while using less energy. Suspending this piece from the ceiling allows the light to bathe the entire room below in a soft luminescence perfect for entertaining or relaxing after a long day. The brass holder adds an industrial yet vintage-inspired twist that pairs well with eclectic or modern farmhouse decor. The clear glass shade diffuses the light evenly while allowing the brass detailing to shine through, making this lamp a showpiece as well as a functional light source. Together, the materials blend function and fashion creating a hardworking yet eye-catching pendant that elevates any room with its versatile and luminous design.

Input 220-240V AC
Output 7W 400lm
Material Shade Forest Glass
Material Holder  Brass
Dimmable  Non-Dimmable