Lectory LED Pendant Lamp | Linear Light | Brass Light Bar + Green Marble | 1.2M

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This brass pendant casts a warm glow that's perfect for setting the mood. Its sleek linear form cascades down like a strip of molten metal, while the green marble disk at the base adds a touch of earthy contrast. The integrated LED lights provide a soft yet focused illumination that's perfect for highlighting artwork, accenting seating areas or bathing a kitchen in a golden hue. Suspended from the ceiling by an adjustable cable, this pendant light invites you to play with placement, angling the light to suit your space and task at hand. Whether you want to highlight architectural details, create an ambient glow or illuminate a workspace, this versatile pendant delivers the perfect balance of style and function to transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Full Brass Lamp Boday 
  • Marble Stone Feature Design
  • Dimmable  via remote controller
  • Colour Temperature adjustable via remote controller
Input 220-240V AC 55-60Hz
Output  1.2M 40W 3200lm / 1.6M 72W 5200lm
Dimmable Dimmable Via Remote Controller
Color Temperature Adjustable between Warm White / Cool White Via Remote Controller
Hanging Strings 2 Meters can be shortened during installation
Weight  1.2M-3.9Kg / 1.6M-4.5Kg
Material- Body Brass With Black Coating
Material- Diffuser Acrylic
Material- Feature Plate Marble Stone