Lectory LED Pendant Lamp | Trapezoid Timber | Red Oak | 1.2m

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This pendant is designed for the task layer light fitting to be hung over a benchtop or a dining table as well as a working bench.

It can be also used as a feature light fitting on decor layer to match with some timber material surroundings 

  • Warm/ Cool White colour adjustable Via Remote Controller
  • Dimmable Via Remote Controller
  • Timber side panel design 

Input 220V AC 55-60Hz
Output  90cm-43W-3965lm / 120cm-56W-5280lm / 150cm-70W-6600lm
Weight 90cm 2.4Kg / 120cm 3.2Kg / 150cm 4Kg
Colour Temperature 3000K - 6500K adjustable Via Remote Controller
Hanging Strings 2M can be shortened 
Dimmable Dimmable Via Remote Controller

2 Years Replacment Warranty