Danish Floor Lamp | Brass Pole | 3 Heads | Marble Base

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Present Classic Elegance

Enhance the ambience of your house with our Danish Floor Lamp, the pinnacle of classic style. This lamp, which was expertly crafted and is sure to dazzle, seamlessly fuses contemporary style with vintage appeal. The brass pole has a rich sheen that goes well with many types of interior design. This lamp provides a touch of sophistication that is sure to draw attention, regardless of whether your room is modern, minimalist, or even vintage-inspired.

Multiple-Directed Lighting

With its three adjustable heads, the Danish Floor Lamp offers the allure of variable lighting. You have the ability to create the ambience you want in your space because each head may be controlled independently. Create reading nooks, spotlight your favourite artwork, or give your entertainment area a pleasant warmth. Due to the lamp's versatility, every nook and cranny in your space will be illuminated, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your visitors.

Stability of solid marble

With the magnificent marble base of our Danish Floor Lamp, stability and elegance are combined. The robust marble base not only guarantees the lamp's equilibrium but also gives your decor a touch of grandeur. Each lamp is one-of-a-kind due to the marble's distinctive natural veining, which makes it a conversation starter. The lamp is a utilitarian work of art because the union of the svelte brass pole and the elegant marble base provides a visual harmony that enhances the attractiveness of your room.

Input AC220V 50-65Hz
Output 15W 1250lm
Material Diffuser Acrylic 
Material Stand Brass
Material Base Marble Stone