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Superloon LED Floor Lamp

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Increase the Ambience

The exquisite radiance of the Superloon LED Floor Lamp will accentuate your living area. Through the elegant integration of form and function, it creates a fascinating focal point and a useful lighting solution. Make a comfortable reading nook or give your space a refined feel. You can modify the illumination to fit any mood or situation thanks to adjustable brightness and colour temperature. Enjoy the warm glow that the Superloon lamp emits as it turns your room into a stylish and comfortable retreat.

Modern Lighting Techniques

The Superloon LED Floor Lamp lets you see the future of lighting. This lamp, created with cutting-edge LED technology, provides long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting. You can easily change the light intensity and colour temperature to suit your needs using the built-in touch controls. The Superloon lamp provides both focused task lighting for work and a soft glow for relaxation. Embrace the eco-friendly, economical, and aesthetically beautiful lighting option of the future and say goodbye to conventional bulbs.

Flexible Design and Positioning

The Superloon LED Floor Lamp is a piece of art that complements your home's interior design in addition to being a light source. Its simplistic style fits in beautifully with a range of aesthetics, including classic, contemporary, and eclectic. Incomparable positioning versatility is made possible by the lamp's adjustable height and 360-degree rotation, ensuring that every area of your room may take advantage of its attraction. The Superloon lamp is a statement piece that fits your lifestyle and looks great in your living area, bedroom, or study.


Input 220-240 AC 50-60Hz
Output  30W 2500lm
Material Frame Aluminum
Material Diffuser Acrylic 
Light Colour 4000K