Danish Floor Lamp | O3 | Black Pearls | 3 Heads | Marble Base

O3 Floor Lamp

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Modern-day elegance

Introducing the O3 Floor Lamp, a stunning example of contemporary design that adds a touch of class to any space. This lamp readily matches a variety of interior design trends because to its clean lines and minimalist design. The O3 Floor Lamp gives the ideal touch of modern elegance whether you're going for a stylish urban loft or a warm Scandinavian hideaway. With a statement item that combines design and function, your home will sparkle.

Unlimited Lighting Options

With the numerous illumination settings available with the O3 Floor Lamp, unleash your imagination. You have the ability to create the ideal mood thanks to the brightness and colour temperature controls. This lamp adjusts to any circumstance, ranging from cosy and inviting to clear and focused. Create a romantic dining atmosphere, light up your workstation, or illuminate your reading area. The O3 Floor Lamp gives you the ability to create the ideal lighting environment.

Craftsmanship and Robustness

The O3 Floor Lamp is a tribute to excellence because it was expertly made and is built to last. The solid design guarantees stability, and the high-quality components radiate strength and elegance. The lamp's smart design seamlessly mixes beauty and utility, delivering 360-degree swivel and smooth height adjustment for focused lighting. Improve the look of your interior with a sturdy piece that is both durable and appealing.

Input  220-240V AC 50-65Hz
Output  21W -1800lm
Colour Temperature 3000K
Material Base  Marble 
Material Lamp Aluminium