Minimalist Bar Stool | Bended Iron Rods with Velvet Cover | White Frame + Light Grey Seat 65CM

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Minimalist Bar Stool | Bended Iron Rods with Velvet Cover


  • Minimalist Bar Stool features a simple yet elegant silhouette that will adhere to any stylistic home feel.
  • A great feature of minimalist bar stools is their effortless versatility.
  • Their subtle look means they don’t detract from the focal point of the room but blend nicely into the background.
  • Choose between an array of colours for comfortable and Bended Iron Rods with Velvet colour or PU leather. 
  • Our collection of minimalist stools is perfect for creating a simple and stripped-back look.


This minimalist bar stool brings style and comfort to your space in one sleek package. Crafted from a blend of bended iron rods and covered in plush velvet, the stool's simple yet striking white frame and light grey seat are a timeless match made to last. The stool's low profile and slim legs keep it from overwhelming the bar area while still providing a comfortable perch for guests. Perfect for kitchen islands, breakfast bars or pub-style setups, this simple yet sophisticated stool ensures your seating arrangement keeps up with the latest in minimalist aesthetics without skimping on functionality. Simply place one or pair with others to create a focal point that looks as good as it feels.

Material - Frame Iron Bar
Material - Cushion High-Density Foam
Material - Cushion Cover Velvet
Weight 6.5Kg                                      
Weight Capacity 120Kg
Finish - Frame Powder coated
Height (from floor to seat) 65cm / 75cm
Height (back support) 81cm / 91cm
Width 42cm
Length 42cm

Q: What is the ideal height for a bar stool?

A: The ideal height for a bar stool depends on the height of your bar or counter. For standard Australian counters 85-100cm in height, a 65cm seat height      stool is recommended. For a standard bar top (Commercial Bar) at 120cm, a 75cm seat height stool is preferred.

Q: Can I use this stool outdoors?

A: While it's primarily designed for indoor use, you can use it on a covered patio. However, prolonged exposure to the elements may affect its durability.

Q: Is assembly required?

A: These Minimalist stools come assembled, however, the protection layer of bubble wrap needs to be removed before use.

Q: Are these stools available for the leather finish cover?

A: Yes, you can contact our office for a customised cover finish in different colour leather options,

Q: Can I customize the frame colour?

A: The frame colour is avaliable in Black, White and Gold, as it is an integral part of the stool's design.

Q: Is this stool suitable for commercial use?

A: Yes, its sturdy construction and elegant design make it a great choice for commercial establishments, we offer a 2-year commercial replacement warranty.

Q: Can I check these stools before making the purchase?

A: Yes, we have display units in our Sydney showroom, please contact our sales team to orgnise a showroom visit.