Minimalist Dining Chair | Bended Iron Rods Velvet Fabric | Black Frame Black Seat | Without Arms

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This minimalist dining chair brings simple elegance to your table. Crafted from a sturdy black bended iron rod frame and plush black velvet fabric, it has a clean, modern aesthetic that complements any dining room decor. Without arms, this chair allows easy movement in and out while its minimal design helps prevent clutter. Perfect for open-concept spaces or small dining areas, it offers an understated style statement that focuses the eye on what matters most—the company and conversation around your table. With its chic black and iron blend, this replica dining chair brings a dash of sophistication to mealtimes while providing comfortable, timeless seating for years to come.

Material - Frame Iron Rod
Material - Fabric Velvet Finish Fabric
Warranty 2 Years Replacment Warranty
Customizable - Frame Size Yes
Customizable - Seat Fabric Yes Available in PU Leather Finish

Q. Are Minimalist Dining Chairs suitable for small dining spaces? A.  Absolutely! The minimalist design of these chairs makes them perfect for smaller dining areas. They add an airy and uncluttered feel to the room. Q. Do these chairs require assembly? A. Most of our Minimalist Dining Chairs come fully assembled, so you can start enjoying them right away. Q. Can I mix and match different chair styles? A. Of course! Mixing chair styles can create a unique and eclectic dining experience that reflects your personality. Q. What's the weight capacity of these chairs? A. Our chairs are designed to support an average adult's weight comfortably, typically around 180 kg. Q. How do I clean and maintain these chairs? A. Cleaning is a breeze! Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth, and they'll maintain their pristine look for years. We offer seat panel replacment just in case there are any stain marks that can not be easily removed, please contact us for pricing. Q. Do you offer delivery to my door?  A. Yes, we offer a trackable courier delivery service to all Australian addresses, there is a flat rate shipping charge of $79.95 / order. Q. What if the chairs received are damaged? A. All you need to do is to send us a photo of the damage on the seating product and we will help you to replace the product.