Nue Zigbee Smart Curtain Controller | Work with Standard Motorised Curtain Track

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Nue ZigBee Bridge is a wireless gateway for smart home & office.
Through the Nue Bridge, you can use a smartphone, a tablet or an APP to control and monitor your ZigBee lighting, security and other smart electrical appliances in home and office.
ZigBee is an open global wireless standard and protocol for smart home & office.
Nue ZigBee Curtain Controller is designed to control the Australian most popular motorized curtain track module "Motolux" through its external Dry Contact Socket.
Through the controller, the curtain can be opened and closed or anywhere between these two positions where ever you like, it works on Google Home and Alexa, 
Works with Google Home and Alexa, allowing voice and sensor control
Works with Nue ZigBee bridge
Plug and go design easy to install
Support Scene Mode
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