Philips Hue Impress | 16W Black Outdoor Pedestal Light | 40cm | Zigbee Homekit

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Adjustable colour

The Hue Impress garden pole is a beam-shaped, high-quality aluminium fixture with an incredibly extensive range of coloured light. The lamp can simply shine various shades of white light, or you can opt for red, yellow, green, blue and everything in between. The full spectrum of 16 million colours is available in this lovely garden pole.

Illuminated along all sides

This lamp can shine all the available colours in all directions to light up your outside area. This means the lamp illuminates everything around it, so even the darkest corners are bathed in light. Place the lamp in a corner or combine it with multiple lamps to light up a pathway. Clearly illuminate the edge of your patio or highlight an area of the garden. This lamp comes into its own wherever you place it.

Automation by Hue

The Hue automatic lighting system connects the Hue Bridge with all the lamps remotely, both inside and outside. You can easily set, adjust or change everything automatically with the app. You can dim the lights, change the colours, set a timer, remotely switch lamps on and off, and much more via the app. It also combines perfectly with the outdoor sensor. Have the lights switch on and off automatically when you arrive and leave, so you don’t need to find your way in the dark or leave the lights on all night long. You can find lots more information and all the accessories you’ll need at Lectory.


The Hue Impress garden pole is 40cm high with a diameter of 10cm. The light’s IP44 rating means it’s extremely suitable for outdoor use. The LED bulb is included with the lamp. You can dim it using the Hue Dimmer.

Input 220-240V 
Lumen 1200ml
IP Rating IP44
Light Colour RGBW
LifeSpan 25000h