Quest Dual 155 Supply Duct Kit | 10" Duct Collar

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On the off chance that you have a Quest Dual 155 Dehumidifier, and you're hoping to put it outside, at that point you'll require these viable Quest Supply Air Duct Collars. This frill makes it workable for you to interface a restricted measure of ventilation work to the air outlet on a Quest Dual dehumidifier that is set outside. Kindly recollect that this extra just fits the stock side of the dehumidifier, and you'll require another assistant to fit the return/admission air side of your dehumidifier for the framework to work. The Quest Supply Air Duct Collar is a 10-inch rib, and just fits the models recorded previously.

  • Height: 33.02CM 
  • Lenght: 33.02CM 
  • Width: 27.94CM 
  • Weight: 1.2KG