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Why Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is such a smart technology that allows you to control your lights and switches from anywhere. You can centralize all the lights into one single system and control lights from your phone or tablet. The more exciting thing? You can easily adjust the colour or hue of your lights according to your need. Also, put lights on a schedule so that when you arrive home the lights will turn on automatically by tracking your GPS on a smartphone.


Why use Lectory Smart Lighting Solutions?

Lectory has been in the lighting business for over a decade now. But what sets up apart from others is that we sell products and provide consultation of smart lighting. And very few in the market do that.  Therefore, with plenty of experience and knowledge, our experts will guide you through the consultation and design services without any stress. Our services cover Sydney suburbs and localities only. The best part? No chances of hidden costs from you since you will be involved during design and installation and our senior consultant will guide you through the whole process.


Here’s why actually you should choose Lectory:

  • We offer low priced but high-quality smart lighting and home automation products.​ 
  • We will provide you with the personalized design and installation of lighting and automated systems for your home. 
  • We have an extensive range of smart lighting products so that you can select the lights according to your design requirements. 
  • We design functional and dynamic lightings that bring your home to life.




How Do We Reshape Your Smart Lighting Plan?



Achieving the right lighting design and installation/placement can make your home look beautiful. So to accomplish the right balance between beauty and function, call in the professionals.

We, Lectory, are the smart lighting specialists. We are specialized in all kinds of smart lighting products including Smart LED Downlights, Smart Pendant Lights, all kinds of smart switches and sockets and many more. We provide the lighting design services for your home and transform into a designer dream.

We will plan and design your lightings individually according to your needs and budget. We also recommend the products based on your end goals and your type of need such as rental, renovate to live or renovate to sell at a higher value.

Before we recommend anything, we need to know about your existing setup so that we can advise with you even a better one. You can send us your existing setup alongside the blueprint of the home via the enquiry form below. Then we will help you with selecting lighting and home automation based on the requirements and needs of the plan.


Every project duration is calculated based on the size and type of the project. For example, a new build home takes longer lighting planning than the renovated home.

So as a rough guess, our lighting consultation and design will take not more than 2 hours. But we assure you that you will find stunning and smart lighting and home automation for your home.


The consultation and design service will be free from 15th May-15th July. After that, each project will be charged $150. This includes our recommendations and options to choose that we provide on what kind of smart lighting & home automation systems will fit your home. Bring to us your plan/blueprint, we give our best suggestions. If you’d like to find out more about the cost, email us your floor plans or call us at 02 8386 0784.


Smart Lighting is a growing technology which needs to be installed properly including all the connections with the WiFi, hub, smartphones, etc. Lectory Smart Lighting Solutions (LSLS) will take care of it for you. The installation will be done by our qualified electrician. We will be guiding you with the device setup and software installation as well.



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