Hydro Axis Inline Axial Booster Fan - 10" (250MM) | 70W | Ball Bearing | Low Noise

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Axial Inline Fans are more ideally suited to inlet or circulation applications given their high-flow, low pressure characteristics. Bring cooler air into the ground level (opposite corner to the extraction fan) of the tent/grow room area thru a small amount of ducting. The position promotes movement of air throughout the room which serves to eliminate hot spots and to maintain optimal air pressure inside the room/tent. A small oscillating fan Wall Fan or Clip Fan should be used to mix the air as it moves thru the grow room ensuring all areas receive sufficient fresh air for your plants. The overall system should provide slightly greater extraction to ensure no unfiltered air escapes the room.

Hydro Axis Inline Axial Fan 250MM

  • Flow Rate: 345 Litre/Sec
  • Watts: 70W
  • Static Pressure (Pa): 76