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Welcome to Lectory, where you may find top-notch ventilation fans. Whether it's your bathroom, kitchen, or living space, we are aware of how important it is to have a well-ventilated place. You can produce an environment free of extra moisture, odours, and pollutants thanks to our top collection of ventilation fans.

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Blauberg Turbo G Mixed Flow AC Fan - 200MM (8") | 636CFM | with Thermostat
Inline Mixed Flow Tube Air Fan - 200MM (8" Inch) | 730CFM | 130W

Inline Mixed Flow Tube Air Fan - 200MM (8" Inch) | 730CFM | 130W

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Fans for Roof Ventilation: Take in Fresh Air from Above

Utilise our cutting-edge roof ventilation fans to upgrade your roofing system. These fans are purposefully made to control the airflow in your attic and stop the accumulation of heat and moisture. You may significantly increase the longevity of your roof, lower your energy bills, and improve the comfort of your living area by installing a roof ventilation fan.

Powered by nature, for nature: Solar ventilation fans

Utilise the sun's energy by using our solar ventilation fans. These environmentally friendly choices not only preserve appropriate airflow but also lessen your carbon footprint. For those wishing to establish a sustainable and energy-efficient home environment, solar ventilation fans are a great option.

Improve foundation health with subfloor ventilation fans

Our subfloor ventilation fans can safeguard your home's foundation. These fans put up a lot of effort to keep basements and crawl areas dry. You can prevent possible problems like mould growth and structural damage by maintaining the integrity of your home's foundation.

Kitchen exhaust fans: freshen the air During Cooking

A number of odours and contaminants can be released into the air during cooking. Our kitchen exhaust fans are available to assist. They efficiently eliminate heat, smoke, and cooking odours, preserving your kitchen as a pleasant environment for preparing meals.

Lectory Ventilation Fans Can Transform Your Living Spaces

Lectory provides a wide selection of options when it comes to picking the best ventilation fans for your home, catering to various demands and preferences. Our fans are designed to be effective, long-lasting, and simple to install, so you can benefit from better air quality without any hassle.