Philips Hue Apogee | 40W Circle Ceiling Lamp | White Ambiance


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Set the right ambiance for any moment and decorate your home with warm white to cool daylight.

Enjoy different styles throughout the year, no matter if it's the crisp white light reminding you of a spring sun,

The warm white light of a summer, or the cool daylight of winter.

A Philips Hue Wifi Bridge is required for this lamp to operate which needs to purchase separately.



Input 220V ~240V AC 
Output 40W
Dimension 50 x 50 x 11.6cm 
Series Apogee
Dimmable  Yes, Through Philips Hue Bridge
CT Adjustable Yes, Through Philips Hue Bridge
CT Range 2200K ~ 6500K
Lighting Coverage 15-20 Sqm
Room Fitting Advice Bed Room / Hallway / Foyer
AU Standard SAA LED driver