Quest 70 Supply/Return Duct Kit | 8" Duct Collar

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Regardless of whether you as of now have a dehumidifier, or you're hoping to buy one, in the event that you plan on setting it outside, you'll need a couple of connection packs. In spite of the fact that most dehumidifiers were worked to run inside, they're large, cumbersome, and boisterous, such countless gradeners select to put their models outside. On the off chance that you have the correct devices, this can be simple! On the off chance that you have a Quest 70 Dehumidifier, this Quest 70 Supply/return Duct Kit has all you require to appropriately reconfigure the stockpile side of your dehumidifier to be situated outside of your indoor nursery. This pack, which incorporates two 8 inch channel collars, froth and screws for safely fixing to the unit, and a discretionary air block plate, makes it conceivable to snare the admission of your dehumidifier to a modest quantity of ventilation work. It's great to realize that your open-air dehumidifier framework isn't finished until you likewise join ventilation work to the air outlet to send dry air once again into the nursery. To do this, you'll need the Return Duct Kit that is fitting for your model of the dehumidifier. Kindly note that this 8-inch spine just fits the Quest 70 Dehumidifiers.

  • Height: 30.48CM 
  • Lenght: 30.48CM 
  • Width: 20.32CM 
  • Weight: 1.4KG