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Say Farewell to cacophony and Welcome to chic quiet

It might be difficult to find calm in an increasingly noisy world. Unwanted noise may creep into our living and working places, whether it comes from the buzz of technological equipment or the bustle of city life. Presenting the Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panel, a device that enhances any space while lowering noise levels and adding a refined touch.

Any home can benefit from the fashionable and practical addition of the Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panel. These panels offer excellent noise reduction and are designed to mix effortlessly with modern decor thanks to their natural grain veneer in White Oak. Their unique blend of acoustic performance and visual appeal makes them an excellent option for both commercial and residential settings.

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Instal our slatted wood wall panels for privacy without compromising light or air flow. The open yet enclosed feeling they create offers the perfect backdrop for socialising or creating a cosy nook for quiet contemplation. The air gaps between the wooden slats also help improve room acoustics by absorbing excess sound, reducing echo and dampening noise transmission between rooms. 

Whether you're a new home owner looking to create character, a designer seeking a statement piece or a builder searching for functional yet beautiful finishes, Lectory's acacia wood slat panels will transform any space into an inviting and sensory experience. The slats can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit your aesthetic vision, and they require no special maintenance beyond an occasional dusting. Contact us today to discuss how our wooden slat wall panels could help bring your design dreams to life.


Key Features

Veneer with Natural Grain

The superior White Oak, which is prized for its strength and exquisite grain patterns, is used to make the panels. Each panel has a distinct, natural appearance thanks to its veneer, which improves any room's overall beauty.

Reduced Noise

The capacity of these panels to lower background noise is one of their most notable qualities. In addition to having a chic appearance, the slat design absorbs and disperses sound waves to improve comfort and quietness in spaces.

Simple Setup

The panels are made to be easily installed. You may quickly reap the benefits of a calmer space by following the simple steps involved in the process, regardless of whether you choose to hire a professional or tackle it yourself.


A Customised Feel
After a tiring day, picture yourself arriving home and wanting to unwind in a calm, peaceful setting. For many, this was an unattainable goal prior to the installation of the Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels. But these panels make it easy to turn a loud living room into a tranquil haven. The change is immediately apparent, creating a calm environment that promotes focus and relaxation.

Design and Construction Quality
The Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels are beautiful to look at in addition to being useful. Any environment is made more sophisticated and inviting by the White Oak veneer. Because each panel is painstakingly made, excellent build quality and longevity are guaranteed. The natural wood finish looks good in both modern and rustic interior designs.

Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels: What Are They?
Decorative wall panels called Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels are made to lessen noise and reverberations in a space. They are constructed from felt that absorbs sound and are veneered, usually in woodgrain colours.

How do these panels contribute to the reduction of noise?
The panels' sound-absorbing felt successfully dampens noise and lessens undesired reverberations, resulting in a cosier and quieter atmosphere.

How simple is it to install these panels?
Absolutely, the installation of Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels is simple and can be completed quickly by professionals or as a terrific do-it-yourself project.

Which finishes are offered?
These panels may fit into any office or home design because they are available in a range of rich woodgrain colours and finishes.

Do the panels resist flames?
Indeed, the panels' black acoustic felt can achieve B1 grade flame retardancy, providing an additional degree of security.

Where can you utilise these panels?
They are adaptable and may be utilised to enhance acoustics and provide visual appeal in a variety of locations, such as living rooms, bedrooms, workplaces, and commercial spaces.

Are the materials environmentally benign?
Yes, the panels are made from wood that has been sourced sustainably, which makes them a green option for customers who care about the environment.

Are these panels suitable for usage in businesses?
Yes, the panels offer efficient noise reduction and a stylish appearance, making them suited for both residential and commercial installations.

What advantages come with utilising these panels?
Superior noise reduction, improved room aesthetics, ease of installation, and increased safety due to flame-retardant qualities are the main advantages.

How should these panels be maintained?
The panels only require routine dusting and the odd wipe down with a moist cloth to maintain their best appearance.

Do these panels raise a property's value?
Indeed, adding Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels to a property can improve its acoustics and aesthetic appeal, possibly raising its value.