LED Wall Lamp | Walnut Dot | LED Background Ambience

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Presenting the Walnut Dot LED Wall Lamp, your entryway to a stylish and tranquil atmosphere. This lamp is a beautiful example of how well function and design can coexist when they are made with such care. Its LED light emits a soft glow that makes for a compelling backdrop and adds a cosy atmosphere to any area. With the Walnut Dot LED Wall Lamp, you can add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your décor and create a relaxing atmosphere.

 Input  AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
 Primary Material   Timber + Aluminium
 Dimmable   Non-dimmable
 Wattage  5W

2 Years Replacment warranty

Q: What type of ambiance does this LED Wall Lamp create? A: The Walnut Dot LED Wall Lamp creates a warm and comforting ambiance with its soft LED background lighting. Q: Is the lamp suitable for residential use only? A: The LED Wall Lamp is versatile and suitable for both residential and commercial settings, adding a serene atmosphere wherever it's placed. Q: How does the Walnut Dot design enhance the lamp's aesthetics? A: The Walnut Dot design adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the lamp's appearance, blending seamlessly with various décor styles.